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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Accounting & Finance Fellows

Fellowship Program Accounting & Finance Fellows

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The fellowship program „Accounting & Finance Fellows“ is aimed at dedicated and talented students with a special interest in the areas of Accounting and/or Finance. The program's objective is to enable students to gain insights into science and business early in their academic career. To achieve this, events and workshops covering practical topics as well as scientific methodologies are sponsored by industries' leading companies.

The program is aimed at Bachelor students from the second semester onwards, as well as Master students beginning their studies. Support is usually granted for at least one year, ideally two years. Conditions for continuing support are regular participation at program events and continuing excellent academic achievements.



Participants will be supported ideationally during the complete program. In particular, the program offers the following aspects:

  • Access to exclusive events and workshops organized by participating sponsors and institutes
  • Valuable business contacts
  • Meeting professors, scientific employees and student employees
  • Mentoring provided by experienced institute employees
  • Networking opportunities with other enrolled students

Accepted students also receive a certificate after finishing the program.


Program Events

In every semester, accepted students will be offered the following program:

  1. Two workshops in cooperation with our noted partners
  2. "Fellow" event, organized by participating institutes (e.g. excursions or scientific workshops)
  3. Get-together with other enrolled students, professors and institute employees to encourage exchange

You can find an overview of upcoming and past events here.

Every student will be accompanied by a mentor during the program to discuss current academic progress and future carrer possibilities.


Apply Now!

Interested in becoming an Accounting & Finance Fellow? Please send us your application containing the following documents until 31st of October 2019:

Please note that the majority of events will be held in German. Thus, a working knowledge of the German language is a prerequisite.

Please send your documents to accounting.finance.fellows@hu-berlin.de (please attach all documents as a single PDF file).