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General Information

General information about studying at the School of Business and Economics of the Humboldt-Universität is provided via Internet at the webpages mentioned below.

These sites are a good starting point for planning your studies in Berlin.

Please note that all students striving for an exchange semester at the Humboldt-Universität must apply through their home university. We do not accept any student without an official nomination of their domestic supervisor. Please contact the international relations office of your university for more information.
Courses and Lectures
The faculty offers courses and lectures on a comprehensive array of topics in business and economics. Please find a preliminary list of lectures on our webpages(in German):

(the SP credit-point-system is equivalent to ECTS)

Exchange students can choose courses on the bachelor/diploma level (courses predominantly in German) and from the various master programs (in English). Participation in any of the courses and lectures is possible without special enrolment. Thus, there is no need to decide on activities before you come to Berlin, with the exception of seminars (please contact the lecturer of the course if you are interested in attending a seminar).

Bachelor students need a sufficient knowledge of German to follow the courses at our School. Master students need to master either German or English at an academic level.

Please note, you will only get credits if you pass the term-exams immediately following the respective courses. Just attending the lectures is not sufficient to receive any credits!

Our Office of International Affairs assists you in making a reservation for the student residence halls. Should you wish such a place, please make use of the option within the online application for preferred allocation for a room in a student residence hall.
Don't forget to pay the deposit! If you would like to know more about rental fees and locations of the “Studentenwohnheime” (hall of residence) in Berlin you can take a look at:

The success of a reservation is not guaranteed! Therefore, you can use our other platforms to find a room. Here you can find some websites.

Please account for the cost of living amounting in Berlin to at least € 550 a month!

The academic year at Humboldt-Universität is subdivided into two semesters. The winter semester starts in the middle of October and ends at the end of February. The summer semester starts in the middle of April and ends in the middle of July. During these periods courses and lectures will take place. After the end of the semesters the written exams are taken. The time periods for examinations vary. So please plan for at least one additional month at Humboldt-Universität if you would like to participate in the examinations. Before the official start of the semester, some interesting events are organised in which you may wish to take part. Around two weeks before the official beginning of the semester the enrolment at the Humboldt-Universität takes place (you will receive a letter of acceptance with a specific date). Therefore you should plan to arrive in Berlin at least two weeks before the semester starts.

The School of Business and Economics is located right in the centre of Berlin. The address is:

Spandauer Straße 1
D-10178 Berlin.
(train station („S-Bahn“): Hackescher Markt)

Further information
Please check the following guide for visiting students before you come to Berlin (or in English).

For students planning to stay for the whole academic year: Please note that you have to re-register for the following semester if you plan to study at the Humboldt-Universität for two semesters. The deadline for your re-registration is stated on your student’s pass.

To bring a certificate with you proving that you have a health insurance, or at least the form E111!
To have your card of identity or your passport with you!

We wish you a pleasant and successful stay at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin!