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Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

Study and Examination regulations, degree and final grade

  • Non-official reading of the study and examination regulations and module catalogue
  • Study and Examination regulations: AMB 45/2016 (plus changes)
  • Study regulations as a chart for  Monobachelor / Second Subject
  • Processing of "surplus" credits
  • Degree and final grade
    All study and examination achievements according to § 5 of the Study Regulations have been successfully passed.
    The bachelor's thesis was graded at least 4.0 (sufficient).

    The final grade is calculated as follows:
    the grades of the final module examinations weighted according to the credit points of the modules, and the grade of the bachelor's thesis (12 credit points). The catalogue of interdisciplinary electives is not considered.

    For the calculation of the final grade, in the core modules of the Mono-bachelor's programmes 72 credit points / Secondary subjects 24 credit points of the highest graded modules are taken into account.

    This exclusion is only taken into account after completition of all examinations and studies!

Bachelor's thesis

  • Requirements:
    All compulsory modules must be passed.
    60-day completion time
    approximately 60.000 letters without attachment (approx. 25-30 text pages without attachments)
  • Registration at the examination office
  • Decision about review and supervision
  • Requirements of the institutes and guideline "Scientific work"
    An overview of the requirements of the institutes as well as the guideline "Scientific work for students" can be found on the website of the Student Advisory Center.

Semester abroad