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Recognition of examinations
Please note, that you can only receive forms for recognition of examination achievements during office hours of the Examination Office.  Alternatively, you can request the form by e-mail.


Students who have spent a semester abroad via ERASMUS receive the recognition form from the International Office. The form is part of the documents you received before you started your semester abroad.


Examination registration

The registration takes place regularly via AGNES - with the exception of the final attempt. The registration form for the 1st or 2nd attempt is therefore only available for exceptional cases.

Registration form, 1st and 2nd attempts

Registration form, final attempt


Withdrawal of an exam registration

The registration is usually made via AGNES - with the exception of the final examination attempt. The withdrawal form for the 1st or 2nd attempt is therefore only available for exceptional cases.

Deregistrations received after expiry of the withdrawal period in the Examination Office will not be considered.

Withdrawal form


Registration for Bachelor's or Master's thesis

You will receive the registration form for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis currently on request by e-mail from the examination office: pruefungsbuero-wiwi(at)

The form must be submitted to the Examination Office immediately after the topic has been issued. You will receive a written confirmation. This contains the deadline, the topic, the names of the examiners and other helpful information.

The processing time starts one day after the issue of the topic by the examiner.

Guide to scientific work

Which courses are required by the examiner for writing the Bachelor's or Master's thesis?


Application for extension of the processing time of the bachelor or master thesis

This application is not made for sick leave. The medical certificate is usually sufficient. The medical certificate must be submitted to the examination office within 3 working days at the latest after the illness has been established - submission via e-mail (pdf only!). Retroactively issued days and late submitted certificates will not be considered. The processing time is extended by the duration of sick leave - Saturday, Sunday and holidays include.