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The School of Business and Economics stands for top-level cooperative research, excellent training and promotion of young scientists, and distinct practical orientation. The School perceives itself as an initiator for the continuous expansion of the Berlin network of research institutions in the field of Economics. The core element of the teaching and research activities is the well-establishd and wide-ranging cooperation with the Berlin universities and leading non-university research institutions. The research profile of the School is characterized by its thematic diversity and its high level of scientific excellence. In addition to making new contributions to economic knowledge, the School closely combines its research activities with the training of young scientists, thereby fostering its guiding principle to support young scientists in their individual development.

Statement of the Dean's Office for equality and against discrimination as well as harassment of any kind & information about contact persons for people concerned

Project "Chancengleichheit Intersektional" ('Equal Opportunities Intersectional')

Opening hours during the weekend (Summer 2024)

Nachricht vom Jul 01, 2024

At several weekends during the examination phase the School is open. Students are welcome to use the study rooms. ►►►

Simone Euler and Joachim Gassen receive award from the American Accounting Association (AAA)

Nachricht vom Jun 18, 2024

Simone Euler and Joachim Gassen, together with an international team, have written a study on the question of how information about the carbon footprint influences consumer behavior. ►►►

Top position in the Wirtschaftswoche ranking

Nachricht vom Jun 25, 2024

School achieves 2nd place ►►►

Christian Dustmann receives Reimar Lüst Award 2023

Nachricht vom Dec 20, 2023

Research award for international scholarly and cultural exchange is granted jointly by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation ►►►