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Conflict consultation & ombudspersons

This website informs about help in conflict situations in the supervisory relationship.

The supervisory relationship is based on great mutual trust. However, conflict situations can occur in which external support can be helpful. In such situations, doctoral students as well as supervisors can contact the conflict consultation offered by Humboldt Graduate School or our School's ombudspersons.


Conflict consultation by Humboldt Graduate School

The regular conflict consultation aims to resolve disagreements between doctoral student and supervisor at an early stage and to create a basis for further constructive cooperation.

The consultation is held be trained mediators. They are not employed at Humboldt-Universität, but are connected to a scientific environment from their own professional background. Attendance to the consultation is free of charge and absolutely confidential.


Ombudspersons of the School of Business and Economics

In cases of severe conflicts in the supervisory relationship, one of the two ombudspersons of the School can be contacted. Since the ombudspersons are no officeholders and are no supervisors themselves, but have a prominent position at the School and the necessary experience, they can act as "advocates" of the doctoral students and represent their interests.

In conflict situations, please contact one of the two ombudspersons. To avoid conflicting interests, you may freely choose whom to contact.

The ombudspersons of the School of Business and Economics are: