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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | School of Business and Economics | News | Archive | 2018 | Bertil Tungodden becomes Einstein Visiting Fellow

Bertil Tungodden becomes Einstein Visiting Fellow

Einstein Foundation has agreed to a funding proposal by Georg Weizsäcker.

Professor Bertil Tungodden (Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen) is one of Europe’s most accomplished researchers in the fields of behavioral and developmental economics. He is an eminent researcher with a close substantive connection to the work of the CRC 190 “Rationality and Competition” established in 2017 as a consortium of researchers of our School and from other research institutions in Berlin, as well as from LMU Munich.  Bertil Tungodden is the Co-Chair of the FAIR Center at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen that hosts many researchers in the same area as the CRC 190.  His Einstein Visiting Fellowship will create sustainable research cooperation with many ties among individual researchers between Berlin and Bergen.

The aim of the project proposed for the Einstein Visiting Fellowship is to combine expertise in different approaches to study the heterogeneity of different fairness standards as well as other deviations from the standard model and disentangling their impacts. The Fellowship starts in April 2019. During his regular visits to Berlin, Bertil Tungodden will interact closely with the PostDoc and the doctoral student who will be employed under the project, and with the broad scientific community in his area of research.