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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Economic Theory II (Macro)

Brown Bag Seminar Winter Term 2017/18


The seminar takes place every Wednesday, from 12.30 - 14.00 in room 23, SPA 1.


Questions can be directed to Grzegorz Dlugoszek.


Winter Term 2017/18




October 25, 2017



Stefanie Seele (HU, Job Market Candidate): "No Role for the Hartz Reforms? Demand and Supply Factors in the German Labor Market, 1993-2014"

November 1, 2017



Lukas Mergele (HU, Job Market Candidate): "Public Employment Services Under Decentralization: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"


November 8, 2017  

Anna Almosova (HU): "A Closer Look at the Costs of Digital Currency Provision" 



November 15, 2017



Homayoon Moradi (WZB, Job Market Candidate): "Moral Wiggle Room Reverted: Information Avoidance Is Myopic"


November 22, 2017



Benajmin Larin (Uni Leipzig): "The Macroeconomics of Housing and the Dynamics of Wealth Inequality"


November 29, 2017



Ahmed Hanoma (BDPEMS): "Inflation Expectations with MIDAS: Can Market-Based Measures Forecast Survey-Based Measures"

December 6, 2017



Hannah Liepmann (HU, Job Market Candidate): "The Impact of a Negative Labor Demand Shock on Fertility - Evidence from the Fall of the Berlin Wall"

December 13, 2017



Simon Jurkatis (FU, Job Market Candidate): "Inferring Trade Direction in Fast Markets"

December 20, 2017



Johanna Krenz (HU): "Unconventional Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union"

January 10, 2018



Anna  Almosova (HU): "Blockchain Miners in a Macroeconomic Model: Search and Matching Approach"

January 17, 2018



Juliusz Radwański (HU): "Babylonian risk aversion"

January 24, 2018



Maren Brede (HU): "Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in New Keynesian Models: The Balassa-Samuelson Effect Revisited"

January 31, 2018



Mauricio Salgado Moreno (HU): "Macro, Money, and Finance: A Continuous-Time Approach"

February 7, 2018



Julia Otten (HU): "Transfer Multipliers in a Heterogeneous-Household Model"

February 14, 2018



Grzegorz Dlugoszek (HU): "Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Uncertainty"


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