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Brown Bag Seminar Summer Term 2022

The seminar takes place every Wednesday in-person, from 12.30-14.00, in room 23 at Spandauer Straße 1.


However, we accomodate requests by presenters for virtual sessions.



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If you have any questions, contact Thomas Dengler.

Summer Term 2022


20. April

Selen Andic

“conditional convergence by level of development”

virtual session

27. April
No seminar - Dies Academicus

04. Mai 2022


Mauricio Salgado Moreno:

"Identifying Heterogeneous Bank Responses to US Monetary Policy Shocks” with Dennis Zander (University of Warwick)

11. Mai 2022


No seminar - Dies Academicus

18. Mai 2022


Konrad Kuhmann

"Assessing heterogeneous firm responses to aggregate funding shocks"

25. Mai 2022


Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg

“The Network Effects of Clearing Trade Credit”, with Milan Bozic, Toni Whited, and Jurica Zrnc

01. Juni 2022


No seminar

08. Juni 2022


Vanessa Schmidt

"The Distributional Effects of Shocks
to the Loan-to-Value Ratio", with Hannah Seidl

15. Juni 2022


No seminar

22. Juni 2022


Samuel Fahim

"On fiat and cryptocurrencies competition"

29. Juni 2022


Lukas Boer:

" The economic consequences of trade shocks"

06. Juli 2022


Thomas Dengler

"Tales from an estimated SW-HANK model for the
euro area"

13. Juli 2022


Hannah Seidl

"The house price channel of quantitative easing"

20. Juli 2022


Gökhan Ider

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