Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Economic Theory II (Macro)

Brown Bag Seminar in Macroeconomics

The seminar takes place every Wednesday, from 12.30 to 2.00 pm, in room 23 at Spandauer Straße 1.


If you have any questions, contact Konrad Kuhmann.


Winter Term 2023/24




October 18, 2023






October 25, 2023


Konrad Kuhmann (HU Berlin)

"Asymmetric and Heterogeneous Investment Responses to Credit Supply shocks"

November 1, 2023



Vanessa Schmidt (HU Berlin)

"Aggregate Lending Standards and Inequality" (with Hannah Seidl)

November 8, 2023


Muhammed Bulutay (TU Berlin)

"Better than Perceived? Correcting Misperceptions about Central Bank Inflation Forecasts"

November 15, 2023



November 22, 2023


Ben Schumann (DIW, FU Berlin)

"Global Risk and the Dollar"

November 29, 2023


Fabian Seyrich (DIW, FU Berlin)
"A Behavioral Heterogeneous Agent New Keynesian Model"

December 6, 2023


Winnie Coleman (FU Berlin)

"Asymmetric Inflation Target Credibility"

December 13, 2023


Erik Dasenbrock (FU Berlin)

"Wage rigidities and unemployment rate fluctuations over the life cycle"

December 20, 2023


Anna-Maria Göth (HU Berlin)

January 10, 2024



Thomas Dengler (Bundesbank, HU Berlin)


January 17, 2024



Johanna Krenz (Uni Hamburg)

"Macroprudential Policy Shocks, Non-bank Financial Intermediation and Systemic Risk in Europe"

January 24, 2024




January 31, 2024


Vanessa Schmidt (HU Berlin)

February 7, 2024


Gökhan Ider (DIW)

Febraury 14, 2024


Veljko Bojovic (HU Berlin)


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