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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Theses & References

Basic Rules for Writing a Bachelor or Master’s Thesis at our Institute
  • For Bachelor Thesis: BEFORE applying, you need to have passed the lecture "Wirtschaftsgeschichte" AND participated in one seminar at our institute, where you demonstrated your academic skills in a seminar paper.
  • If you are interested in writing your Bachelor or Master’s thesis at our Institute, you need to apply by filling out the APPLICATION and follow its instructions. Then introduce yourself to Prof. Wolf during his office hours and don't forget your CV.
  • For Master's Thesis: You need to have participated in one seminar or lecture at our institute, where you demonstrated your academic skills in a seminar paper or exam. We expect that you successfully passed each seminar or lecture.
  • In our research we place great emphasis on the quantitative analysis of economic history. Any empirical, statistical, and especially econometrical knowledge on your part is therefore particularly welcome.
  • Once you have registered for a thesis, you will participate in our thesis seminar ("Studienabschlussseminar"), where you have the chance to present your topic.
  • Your Bachelor or Master’s thesis will be supervised and evaluated by Prof. Wolf. One of our PhD students can provide additional supervision and guidance.
Writing Guidelines for your Bachelor or Master’s Thesis
  • Concerning the length of your thesis, we expect you write about 30 pages for a Bachelor thesis and about 50 pages for a Master’s thesis, in both cases excluding the appendix.
  • With regard to citation and references, we ask you to follow a few rules:
  1. Please apply the in-text (= author-year) citation method.
  2. For an accurate example, see this article by Prof. Wolf.
  3. Or apply either of these two citation styles: Chicago or Harvard. 
  4. Regarding websites, please do not cite Wikipedia.org or similar unreliable sources. If you reference proper web sites, please include the date of access under references and the site content in printed form in the appendix of your paper.

Basic Rules for Requesting a Reference from Prof. Wolf
  • All references or assessments must be requested in person at least two weeks before their due date.