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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät



Tuesday, 4 to 6 p.m., Spandauer Str. 1, room 23


This research seminar is jointly organized with the Collaborative Research Center TRR 190 „Rationality and Competition“


Hosts: Michael Burda, Frank Heinemann, Nikolaus Wolf, Alexander Kriwoluzky, Mathias Trabandt


Responsible for coordination: keidel(at)wiwi.hu-berlin.de   


Winterterm 2019/20


Oct 22, 2019 Aleksander Berentsen (Universität Basel): "On the Negatives of Negative Interest Rates and the Positives of Exemption Thresholds"

Oct 29, 2019

Dmitry Kuvshinov (Pompeu Fabra): "The Big Bang: Stock Market Capitalization in the Long Run" (with Kaspar Zimmermann)
Nov 05, 2019

Urszula Szczerbowicz (Banque de France): "Monetary Policy and Corporate Debt Structure" (co-authored with S. Lhuissier)

Nov 06, 2019 Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago): "Tapping into Talent: Coupling Education and Innovation Policies for Economic Growth"

Nov 12, 2019

Karl Walentin (Sveriges Riksbank): "The cost of macroprudential deleveraging in a low interest rate environment" (co-authored with Jack Chen, Daria Finocchiaro, Jesper Lindé)
Dec 10, 2019 Nora Traum (HEC Montréal): "Trade Flows and Fiscal Multipliers"
Dec 17, 2019

Frank Smets (European Central Bank): "Pipeline Pressures and Sectoral Inflation Dynamics" (co-authored with Joris Tielens and Jan Van Hove)

Jan 07, 2020 Olaf Posch (Universität Hamburg): "Resurrecting the New-Keynesian Model: (Un)conventional Policy and the Taylor rule"
Jan 14, 2020 Giovanni Ricco (University of Warwick): "The global transmission of US monetary policy" (Riccardo Degasperi, Seokki Simon Hong, Giovanni Ricco)
Jan 21, 2020

Clemens Jobst (Universität Wien): "Liquidity Regulation before Basel: Credit Limits as “Contingent Rules” at the Austro-Hungarian Bank" (co-authored with Kilian Rieder) 

Jan 28, 2020 Valeriya Dinger (Universität Osnabrück): „The Real Effects of Distressed Bank Mergers“ (co-authored with Christian Schmidt and Erik Theissen)
Feb 04, 2020 Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III Madrid) "Sentimental Business Cycles"
Feb 11, 2020 Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg (Universität Wien): "Sudden Stops and Reserve Accumulation in the Presence of International Liquidity Risk"


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