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Examination Boards: Recognition and Decision


Recognition of study and examination achievements


from semesters abroad

after a change of university or degree programme

for second studies


Decisions of Examination Boards

  • Supervision and evaluation of final thesis

    The thesis is an integral part of all study and examination regulations and is therefore an examination achievement. In this thesis, students should be able to demonstrate that they are able to work independently on a topic from their field of study.

    It is the responsibility of the faculty to ensure appropriate supervision, evaluation and this must also be represented in legal proceedings. The Examination Boards have decided that only examiners of the Faculty of Business and Economics will be appointed as first examiners who are also responsible for supervision.

    Only professors or habilitated research assistants are appointed as examiners for the second evaluation. In exceptional cases, the Examination Boards may appoint an external examiner as a second examiner for theses, provided that no second examiner from the Faculty is available for this subject area.

    The first examiner must provide the reasons for the application and submit it in writing to the responsible Examination Board. If possible, the application must be submitted before the final thesis is registered.

  • Processing of "surplus" credits

    If the credit points required for successful completion of studies have been earned, the credits earned thereafter are no longer included in the final grade. The basis is the examination date.

    Exception: In the elective subject area, further achievements of less than 6 credits are required in order to achieve the degree. If the module is completed at this faculty, these "surplus" credits are fully included in the final grade. In the event of recognition, only the LPs required for the degree will be recognised. In total, no more than 5 additional credits will be included in the final grade.

    Modules that have been successfully completed at this faculty beyond the degree and which are no longer included in the final grade will be shown on the final transcript of records as additional credits on request. Please inform the Examinations Office in good time before the final degree documents are issued.