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The following pages on studying on the faculty are strictly for informative purposes and are not legally binding.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Study Guide (here in PDF format) is published in print form each semester and is available from the Student Advisory Centre at the beginning of the semester.


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration courses


  • Business Administration and Economics bachelor’s courses (mono-bachelor’s). Please note that our faculty has a quantitative methodological teaching orientation. We recommend that you complete the mathematics self-test below before deciding to undertake a mono-bachelor’s course in Business Administration or Economics. This will provide you with important information on your current level of mathematical knowledge, vital for a course such as ours, and also contains key recommendations regarding suitability for a Business Administration or Economics mono-bachelor course at our faculty. Link to the mathematics self-test


  • Business Administration or Economics as a second subject on a bachelor’s course with a subject combination (combined bachelor). You can only study Business Administration and Economics as a second subject (and not a core subject) within a combined bachelor.