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We aim at the provision of a stable and predictable portfolio of core courses ranging from the BSc to the PhD level, covering methodological and applied courses.

Our courses (and how they relate)


  • Notes: Black-shaded courses are methodologically orientated and strongly recommended to all economics students as well as any student aiming at a research-oriented career. Red-shaded courses are designed for PhD students and advanced MSc students with a serious research interest. Courses marked by a '*' are not regularly offered.

Current courses

Over the coming terms, we offer the following courses:


Lectures Winter 2023/24:

Seminars Winter 2023/24:

Applied Econometrics

Econometric Methods

Selected Topics in Econometrics

Lectures Summer 2024: Seminars Summer 2024:

Quantitative Spatial Economics

Einführung in die Ökonometrie

Einführung in die Ökonometrie (Übung)

Quantitative Spatial Economics Research Seminar

Studienabschlussseminar Ökonometrie

Doktorand:innenseminar Econometrics

Course materials

Course materials are generally provided via Moodle.