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Great Depression (in English)


  • Seminar
  • Tuesday 12-14 SPA1, 125
  • Prof. N. Wolf
  • Moodle Link


The seminar deals with selected aspects of the Great Depression. The focus will be on modern theories of the Great Depression, the course of the Depression in Germany, the US and selected European countries, and factors that ended the Depression including monetary and fiscal policy and changes in expectations.


  • Barry Eichengreen, Golden Fetters. The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-1939, Oxford University Press, 1992.
  • Albrecht Ritschl, Deutschlands Krise und Konjunktur 1924-1934, Akademie Verlag, 2002.
  • Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Special Issue “Lessons from the 1930s”, Vol. 27, 2010.

Organizational matters

  • MA: 3 SP, Modul: Economic History
  • Diplom: 2 KP, Wahlpflichtfach Wirtschaftsgeschichte


Seminar paper (60 %), presentation (30 %), active participation (10%).

Supplementary material

Overview of topics (pdf)