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The Evolution of the Global Economy I: Money and Finance (in English)


  • Seminar, open for both Bachelor and Master's students
  • Monday 16-18 SPA1, 22
  • F. Mihram, M. Süße, N. Wolf 
  • Office hours: Monday 18-20
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This is part one of a series of seminars on the development of the world economy in the second millennium. We will explore how the world economy evolved from a collection of disintegrated markets with localized production and consumption to the globalized market place we know today.

This seminar will focus on the role that money, finance and capital played in this development. We start with an evaluation of pre-industrial coinages, examine the advance of financial institutions and instruments, as well as the appearance of international markets for capital and currencies. In addition, we will study how financial markets have at various times interacted with other markets and how crises have been a persistent companion throughout the centuries.


  • Bordo, Michael D., Alan M. Taylor and Jeffrey G. Williamson (eds.). 2003 "Globalization in Historical Perspective" Chicago: The University of Chicago Press
  • Introductory reading (pdf)

Organizational matters

  • BA BWL und VWL: 6 SP, Modul: Themen der europäischen Wirtschaftsgeschichte
  • MA: 6 SP, Modul: Economic History
  • Diplom: 2 KP, Wahlpflichtfach Wirtschaftsgeschichte


Seminar paper (60%), presentation (30%), active participation (10%)

Supplementary material

Overview of Topics (pdf)

Introductory Reading (Reinhart and Rogoff on the long history of financial crises)

Syllabus (pdf)