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Suggested topics

For those interested in writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis at the Institute for Economic History, wie Provider a list of suggested topics.


Bachelor's thesis

The electoral geography of the 1884 Reichstag election: evidence from Berlin

Central bank independence in historical perspective, with a focus on emerging economies

Turkey in the world economy: How dependent is the country on foreign capital?

Market integration in the period of railroadization in Turkey, 1920-1960


Master's thesis

Industrial re-location and export competitiveness in Turkey, 1990-2010

Trade shocks and the labour market: evidence from the 1st globalization

Veteran organizations and voting patterns in the Weimar Republic

The Berlin rental market, 1870-1914: evidence for gentrification?

Factory location and mortality in industrializing Berlin

The Berlin cholera epidemic of 1866 and the role of water supply

Intra-national price variation and income convergence across European regions, 1900-2010

Germany's balance of payment: was there a current account surplus?, 1880-1913

Monuments and nationalism: evidence from Bismarck-Towers