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Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis

The course “Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis” deals with the fundamental themes of macroeconomics. The course will give an overview of economic growth, stylized facts of business cycles and descriptive and statistical methods used to study them. It will give an introduction to methods of macroeconomic analysis, including comparative statics, stochastic difference equations, dynamic programming, Langrangian methods, the maximum principle, as well as dynamic systems, stability and expextations. Furthermore it will look into microeconomic modeln of intertemporal choice, general equilibrium models of dynamic economies with flexible and sticky prices.

The course will be held entirely in English.


Lecturer: Prof. Michael C. Burda, Ph.D

Literature: Selected articles from journals and chapters from advanced textbooksipt

Module: MA Economics: 6 Credits, Module: "Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis"; PhD (BDPEMS): "Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis I"

Exam: Written exam (90 min)


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