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Rudolf v. Bennigsen-Foerder Foundation for Science and Education

Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder was one of the most successful, well-known and influential industrial managers of the post-war period. The high-point of his professional career was his time as CEO of VEBA AG (today E.ON SE) from 1981 until his unexpectedly, early death in October 1989. As a result of the strategic realignment initiated by him during these years, VEBA AG became one of the biggest companies listed on the DAX in 1988.

Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder, born in 1926, studied in the immediate post-war period, distinguishing himself already during this time, thanks to his commitment and public functions: He was the chairman of AStA in Erlangen, founding- and board member of the German Student Union Association (VDS) and intern at the Federal Ministry of Finance . This last activity, represented for him an important change in direction towards VEBA AG, since he assisted Prof. Hartmann at the Ministry, who was responsible for the large, state-owned companies, to which VEBA AG belonged until its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 1965.

In 1990, VEBA AG founded the Rudolf v. Bennigsen-Foerder Foundation for Science and Education, in memory of its former CEO. The aim of the foundation is to promote scientific research and teaching in the areas of economics and law, especially among young researchers. Since 1994, the foundation has been supporting the Institute of Corporate Finance of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Humboldt University. This support enables our institute to finance research projects, organize conferences, and to promote young researchers through scholarships and travel grants for which the university budget would not be sufficient. We are proud to spread and awaken interest in the work and person of Rudolf v. Bennigsen-Foerder and to maintain him in our memory.

More information about Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder and his foundation are available on the internet.


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