Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Economic Theory II (Macro)

General Guidelines for obtaining a Doctoral Degree by Prof. Burda

The doctorate at my institute, like in the rest of Germany, is conducted according to the conditions set by the chairholder himself. The following information shall give you an insight into my general requirements. Further details may be obtained during my office hours.

In principle all persons may apply for a doctorate at my institute, that

- possess a German Prädikatsdiplom in Economics (minimum passing grade: 2,0)

- possess a similiar degree in a different subject.

The doctorate at my institute may be done about economic topics, mainly in the field of macroeconomics and labor market economics. Theoretical as well as empirical themes are possible. I do not supervise doctorates that are to be ascribed to the field of business administration.

Those, who do not possess a German Dipl.-Vw., must substantiate that they are familiar with the principles of economics according to my discretion. This may be done at our faculty with the help of passing grades (>3,0) in exams in the follwoing subjects:

- Price and Allocation Theory (Preis- und Allokationstheorie)

- Conjuncture and Employment Theory (Konjunktur- und Beschäftigungstheorie)

- either Finance I (Finanzwissenschaft I) or a lecture in the quantitative subjects

- Statistics and Econometrics in the elementary studies (omitted for business economists).

This may be done simultaneously with the doctorate. The doctoral candidate is enrolled as a doctoral student and commits him- or herself to the fulfillment of these terms by signature. In the case of non-fulfillment, my supervision and therewith my assistance in the doctorate procedure will be canceled.