Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics

Former Holders of Professorial Chairs

This page provides a list of former chairholders at the School of Business and Economics from 1990 onwards.

Business Administration

Banking Management

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Tannert

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Prof. Richard Stehle, Ph.D

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zschockelt†

Business Education

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schink

Business Taxation

Prof. Dr. Lutz Haegert

Business Theory and Policy

Prof. Dr. Horst Albach†

Corporate Governance

Prof. Ernst Maug, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Günther von Grumbkow†

Prof. Dr. Johannes Gurtz

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Müller

Financial Accounting and Auditing

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Gertich

Prof. Urška Kosi, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Nico Lehmann

Prof. Dr. Wienand Schruff

Prof. Dr. Theodor Siegel

Gender and Diversity Management

Prof. Dr. Barbara Beham

Information Systems

Prof. Dr. Bettina Berendt

Prof. Dr. Hans Gernert†

Prof. Oliver Günther, Ph.D.

Insurance and Risk Management

Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl


Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwalbach

Management Science (Heinz-Nixdorf-Professorship)

Prof. Dr. Franz Hubert


Prof. Dr. Lutz Hildebrandt

Prof. Dr. Wulf Plinke

Operations Research

Prof. Dr. Andreas Brandt†

Prof. Dr. Kurt Helmes

Prof. Dr. Max Klimm

Organizational Theory

Prof. Dominique Demougin, Ph.D.

Private Equity

Prof. Hermann Elendner, Ph.D.

Qualitative Business Taxation

Prof. Dr. Henriette Houben

Venture Capital

Prof. Simas Kucinskas, Ph.D.


Applied Microeconomics

Prof. Johanna Möllerström, Ph.D.

Climate, Weather and Energy Analysis

Prof. Brenda Lopez Cabrera

Commercial Law

Prof. Dr. Otto Boßmann

Competition Policy

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kamecke

Currency and Finance

Prof. Dr. Peter Feuersenger

Currency and Finance, General Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kolloch†


Prof. Dr. Parviz Khalatbari


Prof. Dr. Christoph Breunig

Prof. Dr. Bernd Droge

Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Hautsch

Prof. Dr. Melanie Schienle

Economic Geography

Prof. Dr. Alfred Zimm

Economic History

Prof. Dr. Lothar Baar†

Prof. Dr. Waltraud Falk†

Prof. Dr. Karl Hardach†

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ritschl

Prof. Dr. Marc Spörer

Economic Statistics

Prof. Dr. Erhard Förster

Economic Theory (Micro)

Prof. Dr. Werner Güth

Prof. Dr. Elmar Wolfstetter

Environmental Protection

Prof. Dr. Günther Streibel

Economic Policy

Prof. Harald Uhlig, Ph.D.

Global Economy

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Domdey

Prof. Dr. Lukas Menkhoff

History of Political Economy

Prof. Dr. Günther Krause

Industrial Economics

Prof. Dr. Lars-Hendrik Röller

Information Systems and Statistics

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Apelt

Institutional Economics

Prof. Dr. Christian Kirchner†

International Finance

Prof. Dr. Erwin Rohde

Military Finances

Prof. Dr. Joachim Stephan

Political Economy

Prof. Dr. Dieter Klein

Public Economics

Prof. Dr. Günther Radtke

Prof. Dr. Bengt-Arne Wickström

Public Economy

Prof. Dr. Dalia Marin

Public Finance and Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Charles B. Blankart†


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Härdle

Prof. Dr. Ostap Okhrin

Statistics and Data Science

Prof. Dr. Nadja Klein

Statistics and Econometrics

Prof. Dr. Helmut Lütkepohl

Prof. Dr. Bernd Rönz


Here you can find an overview of former chair holders before 1990. Please note that the website is only available in German.