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Examinations at School of Business and Economics

Inquiries possible by e-mail. Please do not forget to indicate your matriculation number.

"Organization of written and oral examinations"

Memorandum of the Faculty Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics (21.11.2012)


  • Announcement of examination dates and deadlines
    at the latest eight weeks after the beginning of the semester.
  • Announcement of the examination results
    via "AGNES".
  • Grade in AGNES visible, but credit points are not counted
    The grading is carried out by the relevant institutes. After completion of the note entry, a generation loop runs in the system and only then does the credit points in your account clear and are visible to you. This usually takes place in the following 2 to 3 hours, if necessary overnight.
  • Registration for examinations, 1st and 2nd attempts via AGNES
    A registration of all examinations contained in the examination plan within the registration period is mandatory via "AGNES"
  • Withdrawal from an examination without illness notification

    Deregistration only via "AGNES" within in the withdrawal period.

    Important: The deregistration must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on this day. After that, no cancellation is possible,  even if you are already logged in to AGNES and have not yet completed the deregistration with a TAN.

  • Registration for examinations, final attempt

    The registration for a final examination attempt is not possible via "AGNES".

    According to § 126 ZSP-HU a consultation is offered before registration for the final attempt. Arrange a consultation appointment with the responsible examiner. Alternatively, the advice can be waived.

    The registration form must be presented at the consultation date and then submitted to the Examination Office within the registration deadlines -  "Forms".

  • Withdrawal from a examination in the final attempt

    Withdrawal from a final attempt is not possible via "AGNES". Please use the form "Forms". It must be available at the Examination Office by the end of the withdrawal period for the relevant examination.

  • Accouncement of the examination rooms via AGNES
    Two working days before each exam, the exam rooms will be announced via "AGNES" (working days are only Monday to Friday - except public holidays!)
  • Medical certificate for examinations

    The medical certificate must be submitted to the examination office no later than the 3rd working day after the examination date. Otherwise the examination according to § 107 Abs. 2 ZSP-HU is not passed (grade: 5,0). In the compulsory area, this leads to exmatriculation from the degree programme after a 5.0 in the 3rd attempt!

    The basis of the medical certificate is an immediate examination, at the latest on the day of the examination.

    Note on the medical certificate: Matriculation number and the examination for which you report ill. Delivery by post (the postmark is valid) or by mailbox, the booking of the sick certificate is visible in "AGNES".

    In case of non-recognition of a medical certificate, you will receive a written decision from the Examination Board.

  • Automatic registration after illness or failure to pass the exam?

    No, there is no automatic registration by the Examination Office.

    The examination must be registered independently via "AGNES" by the end of the registration period.

    If the registration is already made for the second examination period, the registration deadline ends 3 working days before the corresponding examination, otherwise the deadlines of the respective current examination period apply.

  • Registration for seminars
    Registration for seminars takes place directly with the teacher. A further registration at the Examination Office is not necessary.
  • Digital teaching and exams
    Detailed information can be found on the homepage of the CMS.
  • Portfolio Exams

    Portfolios are collections of one's own work, which are compiled within a certain processing time according to defined criteria in order to document learning progress and performance levels (§96 Para. 5 ZSP-HU).

    The portfolio examination consists of several, but at least two examination elements. Important: This is a uniform module examination, i.e. the individual examination elements must be compensable against each other. There may not be a single examination element that must be "passed".

    As a rule, points are awarded for each individual examination element according to the degree of fulfilment of the respective examination element. The total number of points achieved from all examination elements is converted into a grade by means of a point system to be determined. A portfolio examination is deemed to have been passed with an overall grade of 4.0 or higher, and failed with a grade of 4.1 or higher. Withdrawal from a portfolio examination is possible up to the time the first assessment-relevant performance is produced; as a rule, this is also the end of the registration period.

    Reasons for withdrawal or failure to attend must be asserted and proven to the Examination Board immediately after their occurence, at the latest within 3 working days after the date for the respective examination element.

    In this case, examination elements that have already been completed will continue to be taken into account, provided that they are still comparable at the time of resumption. If, at the time of resumption, portfolio elements that have already been completed are no longer included or if the form of examination has been changed, the examination must be completed in full in accordance with the regulations then in force.