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European Economic History II


  • Lecture
  • Tuesday 14-16 SPA1, 125
  • Prof. N. Wolf
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The course deals with the economic development of Europe from the beginning of the First World War up to the current situation from a historical perspective. Key topics include the economics of the two wars, European hyperinflations, the great depression, the bloc-wise economic integration in Western and Eastern Europe, the Golden Age of Growth, the economics of stagflation, global integration and global imbalances in a long-run perspective.


  • Stephen Broadberry, and Kevin H. O'Rourke (eds) (2010) "The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe", Vol 2: 1870 to the Present, Cambridge.

Organizational matters

  • MA: 6 SP, Modul: Economic History
  • Diplom: 4 KP, Wahlpflichtfach Wirtschaftsgeschichte


Written test (60 min)

Supplementary material

Overview of topics (pdf)