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Research Papers MPinVRM


Task 1.1: Price Discrimination in Input Markets
1.    Haucap, J. and Wey, C., (2011), “Input Price Discrimination (Bans)”, Entry and Welfare, Discussion Paper.
2.    Heitzler, S. and Wey, C., (2011), "Raising Rivals ’Fixed (Labor) Costs: The Deutsche Post Case", Discussion Paper.

Task 1.2: Resale Price Maintenance and Competition

3.    Allain, M.-L. and Chambolle, C.  (2011), "Anticompetitive Effects of Resale-Below-Cost Laws", forthcoming in International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Task 1.3: Vertical Restraints and Collusion

4.    Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C., and Christin, C., (2011), “Downstream competition, exclusive dealing and upstream collusion", Discussion Paper.
5.    Christin, C. (2011) "Collusive Strategic Buying of a Necessary Input", Discussion Paper.
6.    Piccolo, S., and M. Reisinger (2011), “Exclusive Territories and Manufacturers’ Collusion”, Management Science, forthcoming.


Task 2.1: Determinants of Buyer Power
7.    Chambolle, C., and Villas Boas, S., (2011), “Buyer Power and Producer’s differentiation”, Discussion Paper (revise and resubmit to Journal of Economics and Management Strategy).
8.    Bazoche, P., Chambolle, C., and Schlippenbach, V. (2011), “Buyer Power and Category Captainship”, Discussion Paper.
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14.    von Schlippenbach, V. and Wey, C., (2011), “One-Stop Shopping Behavior and Upstream Merger Incentives”, Discussion Paper.

Task 2.2: Buyer Power and Product Quality

15.    Allain, M.-L., Henry, E. and Kyle, M., (2011), "Inefficiencies in technology transfer: theory and empirics”, Discussion Paper.
16.    von Schlippenbach, V. and Teichmann, I. (2011), „The Strategic use of  Private Quality Standards in Food Supply Chains”, Discussion Paper.


Task 3.1: Vertical and Horizontal Integration
17.    Allain, M.-L. and Souam, S., (2011), "A Note on horizontal mergers in vertically related industries", Economics Bulletin, 31 (1), 1-10.
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23.    Reisinger, M. and E. Tarantino (2011), “Vertical Integration with Complementary Inputs”, Discussion Paper.

Task 3.2: Choice of Location and Product Line


Task 4.1: Quality Decisions, Reputation and Assortment

24.    Allain, M.-L., Bedre, O., and Chambolle, C., (2011), “Optimal length of supply contracts : competitive strategy vs. Risk sharing”, Discussion Paper.
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Task 4.2: Certification in Vertical Relationships

30.    Stahl, K., and Strausz, R., (2010), “Who  Should Pay for Certification?”, Discussion Paper.
31.    Strausz. R., (2010), “Separating Equilibria with Imperfect Certification”, Discussion Paper.

Task 4.3: Branding