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    course / short description  
General Management     Economics of Entrepreneurship (6 SP)  
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1 Entrepreneurship (6-12 SP)
pre-requisites: none
Entrepreneurial and Behavioral Decision Making (6 SP)  
Design of Decision Experiments (6 SP)
  2 Master Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (6 SP)
pre-requisites: none
Research Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (6 SP)  
Master Thesis 3 Master Thesis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (18 SP)
pre-requisites: "Master Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Master Thesis (18 SP)




Master Thesis
  • Application for the master thesis: Application deadline and further information
  • "Research-Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation"
  • Either "Entrepreneurial and Behavioral Decision Making" or "Design of Decision Experiments"