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Professor Dr. Christian D. Schade

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Christian D. Schade is a full professor at Humboldt University’s School of Business and Economics and holds the chair of Entrepreneurial and Behavioral Decision Making. Furthermore, in each case for many years, he was Research Professor at DIW (Deutsches Insitut für Wirtschaftsforschung/German Insitute for Economic Research) and Research Fellow at Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center (University of Pennsylvania). His research contributes to a better understanding of decision making in general and of entrepreneurial as well as innovative decision making. He is currently working on novel foundations and perspectives for the decision sciences. His research is mainly based on laboratory experiments, economic psychology and mathematical psychology, as well as quantum mechanics.



Selected refereed publications:


Schade, Christian D. (2018): Free Will and Consciousness in the Multiverse: Physics, Philosophy and Quantum Decision Making. Springer. (link)


Schade, Christian D. (2020): Free will in the clustered-minds multiverse, and some comments on S. Sarasvathy's 'Choice Matters'. Mind and Society 19, 323-330. (free access link)

Schade, Christian D. und Sunder, Shyam (2020): Physics and decisions: An Exploration. Mind and Society 19, 287-292. (free access link)

Schade, Christian D. and Snir, Avichai (2020): A lab test on the decision not to decide. Business Research 13, 1253-1291. (free access link)

Zimmer, Anja, Gründl, Helmut, Schade, Christian D., and Glenzer, Franca (2018): An incentive-compatible experiment on probabilistic insurance and implications for an insurer’s solvency level. Journal of Risk and Insurance 85, 245-273. (Link)

Schade, Christian D. (2015): Collecting evidence for the permanent coexistence of parallel realities:
An interdisciplinary approach. Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics, 3, 327-362. (Link)

Musshoff, Oliver, Odening, Martin, Schade, Christian D., Maart-Noelck, Syster C., and Sandri, Serena (2013): Inertia in disinvestment decisions: Experimental evidence. European Review of Agricultural Economics 40, 463-485. (Link)

Koellinger, Philipp, Minniti, Maria, and Schade, Christian D. (2013). Gender differences in entrepreneurial propensity. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 75, 213-235(Link)

Burmeister-Lamp, Katrin, Lévesque, Moren, and Schade, Christian D. (2012): Are entrepreneurs influenced by risk attitude, regulatory focus or both? An experiment on entrepreneurs' time allocation. Journal of Business Venturing 27, 456-476. (Link)

Schade, Christian D., Kunreuther, Howard C., and Koellinger, Philipp (2012): Protecting Against Low-Probability Disasters: The Role of Worry. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 25, 534-543. (Link)

Pogrebna, Ganna, Krantz, David H., Schade, Christian D., and Keser, Claudia (2011): Words versus actions as a means to influence cooperation in Social Dilemma Situations. Theory and Decision 71, 473-502. (Link)

Schade, Christian D., Schröder, Andreas, and Krause, Kai O. (2010): Coordination after Gains and Losses: Is Prospect Theory's Value Function Predictive for Games? Journal of Mathematical Psychology 54, 426-445. (Link)

Sandri, Serena, Schade, Christian D., Mußhoff, Oliver, and Odening, Martin (2010): Holding on for too long? - An experimental study on inertia in entrepreneurs' and non-entrepreneurs' disinvestment choices. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 76, 30-44. (Link)

Zimmer, Anja, Schade, Christian D., and Gründl, Helmut (2009): Is default risk acceptable when purchasing insurance? Experimental evidence for different probability representations, reasons for default, and framings. Journal of Economic Psychology 30, 11-23. (Link)

Koellinger, Philipp, Minniti, Maria, and Schade, Christian D. (2007): „I think I can, I think I can": Overconfidence and entrepreneurial behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology 28, 502-527. (Link)

Burmeister, Katrin and Schade, Christian D. (2007): Are entrepreneurs’ decisions more biased? An experimental investigation of the susceptibility to status quo bias. Journal of Business Venturing 22, 340-362. (Link)

Lévesque, Moren and Schade, Christian D. (2005): Intuitive optimizing: Experimental findings on time allocation decisions with newly formed ventures. Journal of Business Venturing 20, 313-342. (Link)




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