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Some previous topics for thesis

A harmonized European electricity balancing market
Market Coupling in the Electricity Markets: CEE and CWE regions
Market Design for Capacity Markets - Assuring resource adequacy in the German electricity market
Power Prices in Germany - Impact of renewable energy on power prices
Analysis of Short-Term Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Market Outcomes on Overlapping Routes in the Airline Industry
Electric Vehicles and Load Management
Energy Efficiency Audits - An Empirical Analysis
Residential Real Estate in China, a Demand Supply Analysis
Market Power in the Oil Market
Strategy of German Utilities in the Context of Energiewende - a Case Study of E.ON and RWE
Negative Electricity Prices - The Impact of the Six-Hour-Rule on the German Electricity Market
Capacity Credits of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants with and without Thermal Storage
A harmonized European electricity balancing market: Incorporation of congestion management into cross-border reserve procurement
Identification of Bubbles: Evidence from British Stock Market
Signaling Car Quality on Online Platforms
The Phenomenon of Cointegration between Oil Prices and Economic Indicators in Russia and Oil Exporting Countries
Gender Differences in Financial Decision Making
Allocation of Housing under Rent Control - The effects of the German tenure reform on the allocation of rental units
Mortgage Default and Prepayment with Asymmetric Information
Board of Directors and Firm Performance
Opportunism in Financial Reporting
Electricity Production from Renewables in Mexico
Cost and and Value of Wind and Solar Power in Turkey
Negative Power Prices: Empirical Analysis of a Spot Price Phenomenon
Quantitative Easing: Transmission Channels, Costs and Benefits on the Example of the USA
CoCo bonds in theory and practice: A contribution to financial stability?
Policy instruments for renewable electricity in the EU
Detecting housing bubbles in China
Pay to Performance Sensitivity in Russia
The Affordability and Social Cohesion in the Social Housing Program in Singapore
E-Waste Management in China
Sales Potential Identification
Factors of China's Energy Efficiency after Reform and Opening – An Attempt to use Time Series Model
Real Estate Bubble in China - Comparison with Japan
Regional Development and Company Performance
Real Estate and Morgage Market in the Republic of Serbia
Cost-Benefit-Analysis for Intelligent Freight Transportation Case Study for Clackamas County IFT Project
Valuing electric power produced from intermittent generation sources
Incentive Regulation and Application to Electricity Distribution Networks
European Banking Regulation after the Financial Crisis
The coordination effect of cost based transfer pricing
Agency Problems in Private Equity Funds
Integration der Strommärkte: Deutschland und Polen
House Purchase Restrictions in the Chinese Real Estate Markets
Cost and value of electric power from renewables – How much is wind and solar energy in Germany worth
Financial Performance of Green Commercial Office Buildings in China: An Empirical Analysis
The coordination effect of cost based transfer pricing
Integration der Strommärkte: Deutschland und Polen
The Effect of European Sovereign Credit-Rating Changes on Their Government Bond Interest Rates
Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnership Projects
Regulation of power tariffs in Russia
Transmission Pricing and Investment in the European Electricity Market
Long-run abnormal Returns after Chinese IPOs
What makes the difference of renewable energy deployment between Korea and Germany
Adjustment of the University Grades for the Labour Market
Ukrainian Russian Gas Relationship
Electric Power Capacity Planning for Turkey until 2050: A Multi-criterion Decision Making Approach
Wie kann die optimale Vermittlung des Parkraumangebots ausgestaltet werden?
The Role of Government in Venture Capital Market: Overcoming Market Failures
Impact of Wind Power on Wholesale Electricity Price in the German Market
An Assessment of the Current Status and Future Potential of Renewable Energy Development in Turkey
Integration of Wind Energy into Power Systems
Testing the predictive ability of qualitative leading indicators
Motives and Determinants of Success of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Airline Industry
Die Liberalisierung des russischen Gassektors: 3 Szenarien?
Prediction of Bankruptcy
Institutional Investors and Company Performance
The Value of Control Premium in Emerging Markets
Institutional Investors and Company Performance
Market reaction to cross-border mergers and acquisitions
House Prices in China
Evidence for Predatory Practice
The use of derivatives by European airport operating companies
Competition and Collusion in the German Electricity Market
The effects of loan portfolio diversification on the credit risk of Russian commercial banks< Zurück zur Übersicht
Real Estate Market Dynamics
The Catering Theory of Dividend Policy
Testing equity market timing
Fiscal decentralization and Economic growth
Intellectual capital and financial structure
Non-Aviation business of Airports
Retail management structures and retail revenues in North American airports
The Top-trading Cycles Mechanism. Theory and Practice
Analysis of the Efficiency of Business Diversification Strategy
Smart Grids
Comparison of Private Placement and Public Offering
The Determinants of Credit Spread in Corporate Bond Markets
Conflict of Interest in Universal Banking and Evidence from Initial Public Offerings
Regulierung der Breitbandkommunikation in Europa
Testing Pecking Order Prediction about Capital Structure
Interrelationships among capital structure, dividend policy and managerial ownership: evidence from Russia
Fuzzy Logic for Risk Assessment
Determinats of Corporate Environmental Performance and its Impact on Firms’ Financial Performance
Market Power in E-Commerce – Price Dispersion in Spite of Ubiquitous Costless Information
IPOs of Ukrainian Companies
Effects of Liberalization in the European Natural Gas Market
Interaction between chartist and fundamentalists and asset price dynamics
Rental Prices in West-Germany: Do Tenancy Discounts Exist?
Valuation of Mortgage Portfolio
Vertikale Entflechtung der Stromindustrie
Housing Market Crisis and Bank Lending
Housing an a Consumption Based Capital Asset Pricing Model
Die Strategische Bedeutung von South Stream
Risiken und Renditequellen von Real Estate Private Equity
Personalkontrolle im Onlinehandel
REITs in Deutschland
Capital markets and corporate governance
CO2 Zertifikatehandel in Deutschland - Die Ausgestaltung der Zuteilungsregeln und ihre Anreizwirkungen
Reverse Equity: Konzepte zur Portfoliosteuerung privater Haushalte
Solvency II und Auswirkungen auf Verbraucherschutz und Wettbewerb
Individualisierte Offenlegung der Vorstandsverguetung
Unternehmensuebernahmen und Abwehrmechanismen
Financial Value Drivers in the Logistics Industry
German Open-End and Closed-End Real Estate Funds
Alternative Organizational Forms of Real Estate Investment
Cross Listing of Russian Firms and Political Risk Reduction
Effizienz von Immobilienmaerkten
Valuation of Investments in Electric Power Networks
Equity Valuation using a real options approach
Multiples Valuation on Emerging Markets
The Optimal Number of Creditors
Valuation of Distressed Company: Stochastic Modeling Approach
Mergers and Market Power - Evidence from Highly Concentrated Markets
The Determinants of Credit Spread in Russian Corporate Bond Market
Investment into Russian Mutual Funds
Divesture as a measure to increase market value of the company - practical issues
Institutional Investors and Management Performance
Bubbles - Concepts and Empirical Investigation in Germanys Real Estate Markets
Tenure Choice and the Decision to Move in Germany - An Empirical Study with Emphasis on Berlin
Corporate Publishing
Strategic investment in the international pipeline system: Interaction between Russia and Ukraine
Conflicts of interest in underwriting in the system of universal banks
Integration: reasons and optimal form. The case of Sony Ericsson alliance
The Impact of Innovation on Market Structure: The Case of E-Business in the Automotive industry
Competition in Loan Contracts
Corporate Governance - The Russian Way
The Oil Industry of Russia: Economic Analysis
Ansätze zur profitablen Vergabe von Krediten an Kleinunternehmen in Russland
Estimation of Residential Electricity Demand Function in Russia
Estimating costs of extending electricity distribution networks in Germany
Identification of Bubbles: Evidence from British Stock Market
The Economics of Prosumage
Nord Stream 2. Economic and Political Analysis
Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Russia
Die Wirtschaftlichkeit von „Power to Gas“
Der Clean Development Mechanism als Instrument der Klimapolitik
Regulierung von Übertragungsnetzbetreibern
It is not all about the money – how monetary and non-monetary trigger reciprocity in employment relationships
Predicting Performance of Russian Banks
Estimating costs of extending electricity distribution networks in Germany
Using Auctions for Renewable Energy Subsidies
Market Coupling
Bank Image and Customer Loyalty

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