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Master Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Sommer- und Wintersemester

Hörerkreis:    Master- und MEMS-Studierende
Prüfung: Seminararbeit (100%)  (6 Studienpunkte)


Seminar Description


The research seminar takes place every semester, in summer terms in form of a retreat and in winter terms at HU on a biweekly basis. It provides the possibilty to enlarge upon the methodology previously learnt in our Master classes. It is thus an ideal preparation for writing a Master thesis at our chair. At the beginning of the semester, participants  receive research questions from the areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which they will empirically investigate in small, independent research projects. Each participant will write a seminar thesis about his or her research project. Results will be presented and discussed at the seminar retreat at the end of the semester, or, in winter terms, during the course of the seminar.


Taking part in this seminar will acquaint students with a deep knowledge on selected aspects of behavioral entrepreneurial decision making, experimental design and innovation processes.

Students know how to develop a research question and to design the respective experimental design or empirical research to solve it.

They understand how to conduct a scientific literature search and know how to write and structure a scientific seminar paper.

Finally, students are able to present their scientific work and to critically discuss it with the audience.


The seminar is held in english.


(Diese Kursbeschreibung liegt derzeit nur in englischer Sprache vor)