Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics


Volkswagen Foundation Project "Innovation and Coordination"

This international research project aims to develop a theoretical framework to examine the different phases of the genesis of technology-based innovations (research and development) and the market entry of those innovations.

Within three modules, each of which focuses on the coordination problems of market participants, management researchers, economists, psychologists, and statisticians from Germany and the United States are brought together to form an interdisciplinary research team.

Rational behaviour, as predicted by normative game theoretical models, will be compared to that of actual economic agents using laboratory experiments and will be augmented through findings from behavioural game theory, which accounts for agent’s bounded rationality. In this way, an approach which will complement and expand on past innovation research will be developed.

The project is financed by a generous grant from the Volkswagen Foundation.

Participating Researchers:

  • Professor Dr. Christian Schade
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin    
    School of Economics and Business
    Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation Management
  • Professor Ph.D. David Krantz
    Columbia University
    Department of Psychology
  • Professor Ph.D. Howard Kunreuther 
    University of Pennsylvania
    Wharton School
    Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
  • Professor Dr. Christian Wey
    German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)   
    Department of Information Society and Competition