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Transfer between science and economics

The Electronic Business Forum was founded in 1999, by Prof. Oliver Günther and Dr. Gerrit Tamm. With the organization of numerous activities, and the realization of industrial consultation projects, the forum rose to being one of the leading knowledge transfer platforms in the area of E-Business. Its core activities concern the inter linkage between students, research institutes, and economic enterprises, who come together to find solutions to current problems in the area of E-business. The Electronic Forum promotes not only the collaboration between economics and science but also exposes students to the practical requirements of enterprises. There is a committee, comprising of various professors from different fields and universities, which acts in an advisory capacity for all the activities undertaken by the Electronic Business Forum.

Strategic Consulting

As of the last few years, the Electronic Business Forum has undertaken an increasing number of strategic consulting projects. IBM, Siemens, Daimler Chrysler, Porsche, Bertelsmann-Springer, and DeTeWe represent known partners from the German economy. In the framework of these projects qualified students and scientists in collaboration with representatives of the industry work together to come up with solutions to problems in the E-Business realm. The concept is highly complementary because it allows student and Ph.D. students the opportunity to enrich their abilities with practical exposure and experience, at the same time giving firms the benefit and access to recent developments in academia.

Orders like system integration for Porsche on the basis of Microsoft.NET, the development of price forecasting, with the aggregation of web based services, for IBM as well as the realization of a month long field project in collaboration with the Berlin public transport office, regarding mobile information systems for local passenger traffic is evidence to the fact that the industry has confidence in the ability of the Electronic Business Forum.

In the working environments of workflow management, security and trust, E-payment and knowledge management, consulting plays an important role in terms of planning, conceptualization and realization of web based services. In 2000, the Electronic Business forum launched "" that soon became Europe's biggest market place for web based services. Today is a member of the UDDI advisory board as well as in the research group, "Application Service Providing", the German umbrella organization for information systems, BITKOM.

Events, Forums and Course of Lectures

To ensure the exchange of knowledge, to a large audience both in academia and industry, the Electronic Business Forum regularly organizes talks, discussion groups and conference in addition to its role as a strategic consultant. The Electronic Business Forum is famous for its lecture courses since it was started in 1999. Every week during the semester industry people working in the area of E-business are invited to give presentations on current issues. At the end of the lecture, discussions ensue with the students about interesting strategies, business models and development trends.

After the success of the first two conferences, "Berlin Forum Electronic Business" the Electronic Business Forum in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Graduate Program/Doctoral Program for "Distributed Information Systems" organized this conference in 2002. The one day forum, "Alliance of Knowledge - Business and science on its path to a knowledge based society", drew more than 200 interested guests. They participated in talks and panel discussions with referees from the likes of Richard Stallman from the Free Software Foundation and Scott Collison, director of Microsoft.NET. In October 2003 the Electronic Business Forum conducted the first economic forum for a Berlin XML day along with the Chamber for Industry and Commerce and TimeKontor AG. This was to take place annually from then on.

Cooperation and Partners

The Electronic Business Forum is part of a network of cooperation partners. These include among others the innovation forum of the Humboldt-Universitaet, the Berlin Chamber for Industry and Commerce, the Berlin media network, and the department of Electronic Business from the University of Arts. The purpose of these cooperations is to create a central contact and mediation platform in order to promote communicative exchange of junior staff. This way the entire information and communication technology branch of Berlin is activated and boosted forward. The regular events of the Electronic Business Forum have made it a permanent fixture in the media and entrepreneur scene of Berlin.


Dr. Gerrit Tamm (Geschäftsführer)
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