Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - School of Business and Economics

E-Business & Online Marketing

The module is concerned with theories, practices and technologies in the field of E-Business and Online Marketing. Students have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, including:


  • Students appreciate the state-of-the-art in E-Business and Online Marketing from a theoretical and practical standpoint.
  • Students familiarize themselves with core E-Business applications (e.g., SCM, CRM, etc.), understand their origins, and how they depend on information and communication technology. Through generalizing these links, students are able to fully appreciate the relationship between internet technologies and E-Business strategy.
  • Students are aware of key E-Business models, understand their relative merits and demerits, and are able to judge the appropriateness of these models for specific business applications.
  • Students gain an overview of established and emerging internet technologies and understand the anatomy of web-based information systems. They also become acquainted with key technologies for system integration.
  • Students appreciate the internet marketing mix, know about the different digital channels for marketing communication, and understand the concept of multi-channel management.
  • Students are familiar with the fundamentals of web analytics to measure the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives.


Themen & Inhalte

  • E-Business strategy
  • E-Business infrastructure
  • E-Business applications
  • Internet marketing mix
  • Marketing communication using digital channels
  • Web analytics fundamentals