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Björn Bokelmann





Office hours: by appointment




Björn Bokelmann is a PhD candidate at the chair of information systems since 2019. Besides working on his PhD thesis, he worked part-time in the health insurance industry for two years and is currently working at the Charité University Hospital as a biostatistician. From 2012 to 2018 he studied at the Humboldt University. He received a M.Sc. degree in statistics and a B.Sc. degree in mathematics.

Research Interests

In his research, Björn Bokelmann explores statistical properties of diverse methods from the fields of predictive modeling and causal inference/uplift modeling. Based on these statistical analyses, he derives optimized application solutions. The application fields are quite diverse and include tourism demand forecasting, optimization of treatment allocation in online marketing and optimal planning of clinical trials in the presence of effect size uncertainty.



Bokelmann, B., & Lessmann, S. (2019). Spurious patterns in Google Trends data-An analysis of the effects on tourism demand forecasting in Germany. Tourism management75, 1-12.

Bokelmann, B., & Lessmann, S. (2022). Improving uplift model evaluation on RCT data. arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.02152.

Bokelmann, B., & Lessmann, S. (2023). Predictive modeling for limited distributed targets. arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.14288.