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Students are in the focus of our teaching. We want to enable them to be able to understand the basic concepts, to learn acquiring knowledge independently and, as following, implement it adequately within a given context. Based on these requirements the content and didactic components of our teaching are established.

Our teaching offer is mainly based on the main research focus of the department in order to provide teaching grounded on recent academic developments. Qualifications in the area of big data analytics is a capability frequently asked for on the labor market. Current estimates for the US-American space reveal a lack of professionals and executives of 1.5 million people by the year 2018. German and European markets also report extensive demand of analytically educated professionals.

The second cornerstone of our teaching offer is centered on the central topics of Business Information Systems. This includes e.g. the definition of the IT-strategy, the assessment of information systems as well as modelling and the optimization of the operation processes. Respective courses provide the knowledge that is indispensable for the modern IT-characterized entrepreneurship. Moreover, they ensure the balanced combination of general and specified lectures.

The teaching offer should be of equal interest for diverse groups of students: Business Administration, Economics, Business Information Systems, Management and Economic Science. For this purpose, we aim to achieve the balance between the subject and methodological knowledge. Furthermore, this knowledge is accompanied with business practice case studies.

The following figure depicts schematically our teaching offer.