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Professor Adva Dinur-Levi, Ph.D.


Professor Adva Dinur-Levi, Ph.D. (curriculum vitae)
A. B. Freeman School of Business
Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, USA
summer semester 2002

"Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Professor Adva Dinur-Levi, Ph.D. works as an assistant professor in the field of strategy and entrepreneurship at the A. B. Freeman School of Business of the Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, USA. During her stay in Berlin as a guest scientist of the Logo Haniel Stiftung Guest Professorship in May/June 2002, Professor Dinur offered the course "Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" consisting of lectures and tutorials very successfully to diploma and master's students.
Like Professor Levi, Professor Dinur participated in the weekend seminar "Price Management for Innovations", offered by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation Management, and gave a presentation.