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Prof. Dr. Daniel Klapper

Prof. Dr. Daniel Klapper
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Academic Background


  • Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Humboldt University Berlin: since April 2018.
  • Professor of Business Administration and the head of the Institute of Marketing of the School of Business and Economics, Humboldt University Berlin: since April 2012.
  • Professor of the course “Consumer Goods Marketing”, Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt: April 2006 - March 2012.
  • Professor of the course “Marketing” at the Institute of Business Administration, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel: April 2001 - March 2006.
  • Research assistant at the Institute of Marketing, Humboldt University Berlin: October 1997 - March 2001.
  • Research assistant at the Institute of Marketing, Humboldt University Berlin: October 1994 - September 1997.
  • Research assistant at the Department of Marketing, Bielefeld University: December 1990 - September 1994.